Video Game Journalism: The Lazy Way

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What are the hottest games on the market? How do you find that secret level? Did you hear about the glitch that lets you walk through walls?

Lazy coverage of Gamergate is only feeding this abusive campaign

Writing about things like that and sharing additional insights can help you earn a reputation as a video game expert. To become a video game blogger, you may have to work your way into the field slowly, starting out by contributing articles to established blogs while you gain a following for your own site. People who test video games must have a lot of patience; they have to play through every part of a game to discover flaws and inconsistencies.

Testers provide invaluable feedback to developers. If you know more than one language, that skill, along with your communications degree , can make video game translation the perfect opportunity for you.

Kotaku proves yet again that gaming journalism sucks with Apex Legends article

When a game crosses international borders, it has to be ready to appeal to its new audience. Game companies need translators who not only understand the languages, but also know the culture that goes along with them, because sometimes a literal translation can lose the flavor and meaning of the original story. Do you want to make video games go from a hobby to a job? More often than not people will pick up on a journalist sucking something out of their thumb and contrary to that, basing an opinion on experience and knowledge.

I guess the only way to explain why I feel so insulted and shocked at the mentioned perception is to quote something from the article.

Patrick Stafford - Journalist and Writer — 10 of the best pieces of video game journalism

Is this really what people think we do? Make jokes and say stupid things as long as we have good punctuation? For me, video game journalism is not about getting free games or traveling to events or having the freedom to express myself without compromising my views or opinions, and not about having the freedom to be humorous and blunt. Video game journalism is about sharing yourself, because every review I write, every editorial I write is giving a part of who I am as a person.

Copy pasting press releases make us look stupid and the inability to generate unique content without getting the idea from another local site makes us look even more so.

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And finally, a big thank you to those who show pride in being good writers and publish articles worth reading. Go ahead, nominate something.

Kotaku has won more Kunkels than anyone else. Some have produced excellent journalism regularly like Polygon and sporadically like The Escapist. I agree with him when he says…. The fact is that many games journalists do indeed wear the hats of critic and reporter.

PressSpotting: The top 10 game journalism cliches

The blurring of those roles has had its benefits. That confuses both writer and reader. Totilo concedes some of that…. Unfortunately, that blurring has also distracted too many aspiring games journalists from the opportunity — and, one might argue, the obligation — to pick up the phone, send the e-mail, and ask the questions.

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The happy upshot of this? You can stand out in a hurry.

Getting the facts

I volunteer for an annual college media convention in Manhattan, and I booked Totilo as a keynote speaker. That was a lot easier than I thought — the convention director was totally into it. Three college journalists attending the convention will sit onstage and grill him.