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He seemed so and aged. I went towards Padre Agostino to ask him if he had seen the same thing. Since infancy Padre Pio had visual contact with the guardian Angel, which helped him, and by the devils, which tormented him. Antonietta Pompilio. In Antonietta Pompilo asked Padre Pio how to meditate. For about an hour he stayed with the eyes closed, without moving.

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Then he returned normal and said: "God be blessed. Let's continue. You stare at the host in that manner! Padre Mariano. They took the courage and asked him: 'Father, is the Madonna at this moment in this room? Padre Pio's answer: "Wrong formulation. You should have asked 'Did the Madonna ever leave this room?

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Paradise upside down. Maria Cassano confessed weekly with Padre Pio and went daily to his mass. I made you suffer terribly. It was secret. I only invoked the Madonna and the saints. He was in continual ecstasy. He celebrated the three Christmas Masses one after the other in the same night. He cried a lot. Outside, the angels and the shepherd were singing and were joyful. But it is betted to make company to Jesus. Padre Pio at Christmas. The flying monk:. They were from different nationalities, and of different religions Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Protestants, Jewish.

They reported a sensational episode. Every time that the pilots approached the area of Gargano, near San Giovanni Rotondo, they saw a friar in the sky, forbidding them to drop the bomb there. Foggia and almost all the towns in Puglia were bombed several times, but on San Giovanni Rotondo not a single bomb fell. General Bernardo Rosini. General Rosini reported to me that they were talking about this friar who appeared in the sky stretching out his hands and forceing the planes to turn back.

Since the reports kept repeating, always with different pilots, the Commanding General decided to intervene personally.


Everyone was talking about these incredible stories. He took command of a squadron of bombers with the intention to destroy a deposit of German supplies, signaled in San Giovanni Rotondo.

When the squadron came back the general was devastated. He reported that when they were near the target, he and his pilots had seen raise in the sky a friar with his hands stretched. General Nathan Twining. Everybody talked to everybody else about the happening, and wanted to know who that friar was. After the war the General was told about Padre Pio and decided to visit him with some of the pilots in that squadron. The pilots immediately recognized Padre Pio.

When Padre Pio saw the general he told him: "So you are the one that wanted to destroy everything.

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The general become a friend of Padre Pio. Levitation to reach the confessional. Padre Andrea D'Ascanio testified: "The sacristy was full of people and they were looking at the door from were Padre Pio had to go to the confessional. There was no way that Padre Pio could reach the confessional walking through such a large crowd. The door didn't open, and I saw Padre Pio walking over the heads of those people and go to the confessional.

Later I asked him about it. Padre Pio: "I assure you, my son; it was like walking over bricks. Padre Raffaele reported a similar episode. Levitation to leave the confessional. Padre Raffaello Rossi before becoming bishop and cardinal. Answering a specific formal question by Mons. I saw that the best thing was to leave, so that they would leave too. I remember that there was no room to walk: I had to step over those men; then I found myself outside. From there I turned, and sent them away. Don Pierino Galeone left. The church war crowded with people waiting for him to pass. There was no room to move around.

I was near the major altar, on the right. All of a sudden I saw Padre Pio raised about two yards from the floor. There was some sort of clouds around him.

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He had disappeared. In the afternoon the friars asked Padre Pio for an explanation. They helped me to walk over the heads of the people. How hard are those heads! Harder than briks! Levitation to reach the altar. Bill Martin in the back.

He caught Padre Pio falling in his last Mass. Another brother and I were helping him to the altar. He was going to say Mass. I remember thinking 'Why his weight on my arm feels like nothing at all. Padre Pio's feet were six inches off the ground. He was just gliding.

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He was levitating on his way to say Mass. I exchanged a glance with the other monk. We had come to the same realization at about the same time. We never spoke about it. We just knew. Padre Placido Bux. One night he saw Padre Pio at his bedside encouraging him to have patience. He then saw Padre Pio place his hand on the glass window and disappear outside the window. In the morning he saw the imprint of a hand on the windowpane. He told the story to all around him.

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