The Irrevocable Calling: Israels Role as a Light to the Nations

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Blaising views the whole thrust of the Scriptures as moving to an eternal order as seen in Revelation 21 where Israel and the nations are one under the rule of Yeshua. There is ultimately one people of God, but within that one people is the ethnic, racial and social diversity of many peoples that still preserve the cultural varieties loved by God. Central to this is the distinction of Israel and the nations.

Israel at 70: A Light to the Nations

In Revelation 21 we see that each nation brings its own distinct glory into the New Jerusalem. The ultimate picture there is the Kingdom of God in its fullness, where God fully rules and His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

The Irrevocable Calling: Israel's Role as a Light to the Nations by Don Finto

Before we get to this amazing final end of resurrection life and joyful eternity, there are historical developments to be fulfilled along the way. The call of Abraham began the long process toward the final Kingdom of God. This is a foreshadowing of the Age to Come. However, the election of national-ethnic Israel still continues.

Irrevocable Calling Israel's Role as a Light to The Nations 9781880226346

This is unambiguously stated in the strongest and clearest terms in Romans ,29, and is affirmed continually and repeatedly throughout the Hebrew Bible. The Jewish people as an elect people will continue to be distinct forever. One of the errors of past theologies is to think that the Church replaces Israel, as a kind of new or continuing Israel.

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This cannot be the case in the light of the strong Biblical statements to the contrary. Rather, Israel is and remains a witness and an active instrument of God. The key to understanding the Body of Believers is that it is called the Bride of Messiah as a foreshadowing of what all the people of God will be in the Ultimate Kingdom of Revelation Blaising emphasizes, as do I, that Jews and Gentiles, while distinct, are spiritually equal in the Body of the Messiah.

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This has great implications for Jewish disciples of Yeshua, for they still are part of Israel while being part of the Bride of Messiah, the fellowship of Jews and all kinds of Gentiles. Within that fellowship is room for all kinds of expressions of faith, including a Jewish expression where Jews are encouraged to maintain a corporate Jewish identity in the Body of the Messiah, and a continued connection to Jewry or ethnic Israel.

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After the return of the Messiah Yeshua, there is one more transitional age before the Everlasting Age, the Ultimate Kingdom. That transitional age is the Millennium.

The Irrevocable Calling - Israel - Books

The Millennium is that strange period where those who have been resurrected or translated into glorified bodies, co-mingle with the non-resurrected. This interaction is described in the Gospels between the resurrected Yeshua and His disciples. The Millennial Age is a great age of peace and prosperity, but ends with a time of testing, where those who would not be true can still fall away through the great deception at that time see Revelation That Age fulfills the Bible passages that describe world peace, marriages, childbirth and people living to a very old age before dying.

It is different than eternity where there is no more death in the New Heavens and New Earth. Many think this is a totally renewed earth still having a continuity of identity with this earth see Isaiah In the first of these instances, Rashi interpreted 'nations' as referring to the tribes of Israel and not to the Gentiles. The context of these three references ch. From the commencement of the era of the national revival of the Jewish people Tekufat ha-Tehiyah , 19thth century , various Jewish philosophers began to see in the national revival a chance to fulfill the prophets' vision of a "Light Unto the Nations".

One example that may give an insight into the term's meaning, is the one of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook "HaRaAYaH" , one of the chief leaders of the Religious Zionist Movement , saw in the aspiration of the people of Israel to be a " light unto the nations " a noble part of its designation. Upon his return from Thailand on a volunteer service trip with American Jewish World Service , Rabbi David Wolpe said to his congregation at Sinai Temple , "We don't sufficiently think about the fact that because the idea is that you're supposed to be an or lagoim , that is a light to the nations, that you can't do it if you never do anything among the nations.

If you only have your light on at home, nobody else sees it. Nowhere in any Jewish scripture that I'm aware of will you see, 'Jews must only help other Jews.


Some Jews will tell you that, but Judaism doesn't tell you that. In his writings and speeches, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion — emphasized his vision of the state of Israel as a moral and social beacon to the whole world, and by that, in his view, it shall implement the vision of the prophets.

The Irrevocable Calling: Israel's Role as a Light to the Nations

Along with the concept of Tikkun olam , these two concepts are what motivates members of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. There is no demographic or practical existence for the Jewish people without a Jewish state. This doesn't mean that the Jewish state does not face tremendous challenges, but our existence, our future, is here.