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Home Guides Temple Run 2. Thank you for printing this page from www. Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Temple Run 2. By MongooseGeneral. Print this page More Guides. Guide Contents. Next Page Getting Started. Follow this guide to hear about updates. As with the first game, the premise is to run as fast and as far as you can past various obstacles to escape from the pursuing demonic ape rather than a group of monkeys. The object is, in theory, to get away with the idol stolen from the temple that the game is based in.

Use the table of contents to the right to navigate through this mini-guide, where you will find helpful tips for getting that all-important stellar run through the game. Comments for Introduction Add a comment Please log in above or sign up for free to post comments. This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation.

It does not reply to the comment. Why are you reporting this comment? Please do not be rude, what may be obvious to you may not be to others. Mar 6th Guest I love this game.

I want to play life long. Feb 13th Guest I love you. Nov 27th Guest Vhjjhbbggvvhvgvgcgv t. Sep 5th Guest How do u gkitch the game. Aug 30th Guest i want to play this game but idid not play do you tell how to play.

Apr 21st Guest I got Barry bones he cost the game is lieing and I got 49 diamonds without buying them lol. Jun 24th Guest I love to play this game I am almost at the nineth level.. I play this game late night. May 24th Guest i love it i have on my ipod. May 4th Guest Temple Run 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to 's endless running game from Imangi Studios. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Updated November 04, Temple Run 2 Tips and Tricks. When you've run far enough that the game becomes really difficult, stop concentrating as much on collecting coins and go for distance.

The one exception: green gems. These special gems can be used to do things like resurrecting your character upon death, so they are worth a little risk.

Keep your eyes on what is coming next. At first, it is easy to navigate the game, but as you progress, obstacles come quicker, so stay one step ahead by keeping an eye on what obstacle is coming after the one you are currently navigating. This will help when you need to do a quick slide-then-turn.

This is important because some special powerups are located close to an intersection, so a jump-and-turn maneuver can save your life. The mine cart requires you to tilt left and right to choose your path at intersections and duck under obstacles.

An Amazing and Frenzied Run for Imangi Studios

The dangerous part of the mine cart is tilting one way to pick up coins and the need to tilt the opposite direction when presented with a possible dead end. A good tip is to stop collecting coins once you see an intersection coming up. When choosing abilities, start with Coin Value. The more coin you collect, the quicker you can unlock new abilities and characters, so it can be good to get to level 3 in Coin Value before buying other abilities. Don't forget about special powerups. Each character gets their own powerup they can use, and once unlocked, you can switch them between characters.

The first powerup is shield, but additional ones include a coin bonus, a boost, and a score bonus. Pay attention to objectives. A nice new feature of the game are objectives, which will give your character a goal and help you level up. With more levels come better multipliers, which ultimately lead to better scores. So pay attention to your objectives. Some of them are as easy as using a green gem to resurrect yourself.

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Guy Dangerous. Special Power: Shield, which helps protect from obstacles. Scarlett Fox. Special Power: Boost, which boosts you forward. Barry Bones.

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Special Power: Coin Bonus, an instant 50 coin bonus. Karma Lee. Special Power: Score Bonus, an instant point bonus. Coins aren't worth it if they get you killed. As you run further, the temple run gets more difficult.