Partners & Partakers in the Gospel #13 (Philippians)

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They are found together in Scripture sitting in immediate opposition to each other in 2 Timothy How is it that you have no faith?

Letter 13 is an expansion of this broad teaching, and it places at your disposal a questionnaire to assist in determining what gifts The Holy Spirit has already given to you. In each of these writings, and elsewhere, the sole intent has been to instill within you a desire to know the fullness of that which our King has already given to us; to instill within you a desire to exercise the fullness of that which our King has already authorized us to utilize — for His glory, honor and praise — and our eternal joy.

The fact of the matter though, is that many within the Ekklesia are being attacked by this spirit of fear, which is causing them to hide the Light of Elohim in their lives. Today, however, I encourage you by the fullness of the Power of Elohim, through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit in our hearts, to rebuke every false notion of unworthiness and fear in the name of Yehoshua!

Once we accept Yehoshua as our Messiah, and submit unto Him as our Master, our Father in heaven has already declared us worthy, and has already granted us the spiritual gifts that He wants us to use for His glory.


Therefore, we must all rebuke every thought of powerlessness and timidity, and boldly testify in and through our life by whatever means and gifting He provides. As you can see, beloved, the spiritual battle continues to rage for the hearts, minds and souls of every child of Yehoshua ha Mashiach. In our continuing awareness of this battle though, through the discernment that we have already received by The Indwelling Holy Spirit, we can overcome every evil that confronts us, and we can abide obediently in the will of our Father — to the praise of His glory and our eternal joy!

Keep an eye on the political scene too, because things may get very interesting in regard to the fulfillment of much prophecy very soon. My prayer, as always, is for the purity of the joy, peace, love, knowledge, wisdom and power of our Risen Messiah in your life. May He be glorified through His disciple, and may you know the fullness of His Holy Spirit in your heart.

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But they had hope. A deeper meaning to his departure would gradually become clearer.

God, the great and unfathomable mystery, was at the heart of their religion as Jews. This God could not be represented by any picture or image. God is still boundless glory and mystery, but now God has a much loved human face. The mystery of the Blessed Trinity is beginning to unfold. The disciples went back joyfully to Jerusalem to wait for his promise to be fulfilled.

Does the Holy Spirit have the same effect on us?

Partners & Partakers in the Gospel #13 (Philippians)

What does the Holy Spirit that I have received mean in my life? These are the chapters to re-read to know more about the Holy Spirit and what the Spirit can do for us in a world full of problems and worries, injustice, dangers and in some places, persecution. Every time we look after a person in need and answer their cry, we become paracletes.

Jesus was a paraclete for his disciples. The Holy Spirit will guide, nudge, remind, inspire.

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It is easy to get the impression from news reporting that all Palestinians are Muslim. Jesus lived, worked and healed in only one small area. He said it himself — that his Father had given him a specific mission to a specific people. I spent much of my adult life in Nigeria, helping to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God. I know how dear that country and its people, especially its Christians, are to me. How dear Holy Land Christians must be to Jesus. The Acts of the Apostles records no mission to Galilee — it was already evangelised.

Jerusalem was the first Christian headquarters- problems and queries that arose were referred there for decisions e. How are things for them today? Do we care? One thing is certain — their numbers have been decreasing. There are probably less than , followers of Jesus in his homeland today. Numbers have emigrated, fleeing the harshness of their daily lives.


Life for Holy Land Christians has even been compared to that of non-whites in apartheid South Africa — particularly for those who live in the Occupied Territories. Though Christians play an important part in their communities, eg the first female mayor of Bethlehem is a Christian, many struggle to make a living which is why it is so important we buy their carvings and olive oil. Even worse - the houses, farms and olive trees of non-Jews may be destroyed with little warning to make room for Jewish settlers.

There is no longer free passage for Palestinians, Christian or Muslim, to their holy city of Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph would not only have no access to the inn, but no access to Bethlehem at all, if they had travelled there from Galilee today. Pope Francis is in the Holy Land this weekend, but not to sort out these problems. He will be visiting local Christians, eating lunch in Bethlehem and visiting children in a refugee camp.

His main purpose, however, is to address a world-wide problem, the scandal of disunity among the followers of Jesus Christ, particularly manifest in the land of His birth. In many Holy Places different religious groups vie for control, openly showing hostility to each other, notably in the most sacred Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Last year Bartholomew broke with a thousand years of history by attending the inauguration of Francis I as Pope. No Orthodox Patriarch had done that since The mission of Pope and Patriarch is to heal divisions and bring unity back to the Church. They will also pray with and for the struggling Christian inhabitants of the Holy Land.

Philippians because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now,

We are asked to do the same. Now is the time to remedy this Things to do: Look at the fractured map of the Holy Land today and see where our fellow Christians live. I DO At the heart of the Easter liturgy we, the Christian community, the baptised, together renew our vows. There are people I meet in this parish who give you a sense of underlying joy — you will know such people yourselves One of the great gifts we Christians should have to share with others is our joy.

Tuesday saw the youth of the parish leading the Stations of the Cross with drama and music in a packed church. At the final Masses on Friday, Sister Ruth, one of the parish Sisters, led a reflection to help bring the fruits of the retreat into the realities of daily life. The week began with thoughts on encounter with God and each other and introduced the inspirational message of Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium which was the foundation of the whole retreat.

This led next night into an exploration of our Christian call focused on the meaning of our Baptism. The whole event was designed to help parishioners to experience the Joy of the Gospel more deeply and to fulfil their mission as baptised Christians in their daily lives. The final reflection summarised the week, focusing on the words of Pope Francis on Joy and Mission, challenging individuals and what is already an active parish community, to put them into practice. Following the success of the week, which for many was a first experience, it is hoped to develop the Retreat further as an annual event.

Below is the transcript for the talk that Sr Ruth gave on Friday 28th as the week dre w to a close From Day One of his being Pope he made it clear that sharing the joy of the gospel was not just his job — every Christian is committed at baptism to making God known through Jesus Christ. That is a wonderful prayer. We are invoking the power of God — the name was seen as being the power of God hence God did not reveal it.

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WE have put time aside, listened to talks, been to Mass,perhaps given ourselves a bit more time set aside for prayer and silence. Maybe we feel better, maybe not.

Philippians series week #01 - Philippians 1:1-10

However we feel, just by making the effort we will have been moulded a little more into the image of God. We will have our own things that we will remember.

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Encounter with God. Many of us may have come to the retreat for that. God is everywhere — in us, in others, in his creation. We can meet him there. Several times during the retreat the priest pointed to the tabernacle when talking about the presence of God. Yes, God is present there in the death and rising of Jesus Christ.