On Foot: A History of Walking

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Thus, Joseph Amato's monograph, On Foot: A History of Walking, provides a valuable background treatise for the enlightenment of students who more often prefer to drive their automobiles then walk for any trip that ranges more than a few blocks! Amato's book ranges far back into human history and discusses from primarily a social history perspective the shift from walking as a necessary activity to walking as a matter of choice for most in the developed world and certainly in the United States.

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To the pleasure of the reader, he scatters his text with pithy stories and comments: everywhere on Western streets, "walkers were bullied" from the beginning of World I to the end of World War II ; the "shoe and tennis shoe industries" have grown, but society considers "not having to walk both a goal and an achievement" ; "sitting" wins its battle over walking because of the 19th century industrial revolution ; and, the suburbs in contemporary America have reduced walking, but suburban shopping malls have become "a new walking and talking haven for those isolated by suburban and city life From my perspective, Amato's book is especially valuable for its chapters on city walking, the impact of the automobile "the car has made the walker feel like a trespasser on the earth," , and the social and cultural changes in the meaning of walking.

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It will renew your appreciation for the pedestrian in your own flesh. Simply put: a very imaginative presentation and, someone has to say it, not at all pedestrian.

The Endless Fertility of Walking

The awesomeness of nature is always present, and I often miss out on it when I walk at home. Walking in nature away from home is much more enjoyable, relaxing, and healthy for me. I have had the thought that it would be good for me to walk around my yard in the way I walk around in a park -- now I am even more aware that that is true.

Rebecca has some interesting ideas. I walk 2 miles four or five times a week. I do it for exercise, not for the thoughts that may or may not arise.

My first impression is that sitting silently may do the same as what Rebecca says walking does. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, has stated that wanting certainty is our original sin. I tend to agree with Rohr. Excessive thinking may cause one to be certain and that is a major problem.

Why We Walk

As the poet Keats said, one should make up one's mind about nothing. Rebecca probably would agree but I am not sure based on what she said above. Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Warm and kind regards to everyone. Or search by year or author.

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