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Other sons of Omer finally obtained the kingdom back. He had a daughter who equaled him in wickedness.

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The marriage would be made on condition that Akish would bring the head of Omer to him. The deed was committed. He again obtained the kingdom, but in turn was murdered by his new son-in-law, Akish.

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She herself then underwent a great spiritual experience and received the gospel. Abinadi Mosiah 11— Lachoneus 3 Ne. Zeezrom Alma 11 ; Alma 14— Enos Enos 1.

Gideon Mosiah 19—22 ; Alma 1. Ammon Mosiah 27 ; Alma 17— Sariah 1 Ne. Amulek Alma 8 ; Alma 10 ; Alma Captain Moroni Alma 43— Jacob 2 Ne. Jared and his daughter Ether 8—9.

Show Hide. A wasted life? A lost message? Answers to the Book of Mormon Quiz found on pages 74 thru 1. Abinadi Mosiah 11—17 2. Zeezrom Alma 11 ; Alma 14—15 4. Enos Enos 1 5. Gideon Mosiah 19—22 ; Alma 1 6.

Ammon Mosiah 27 ; Alma 17—27 7. Amulek Alma 8 ; Alma 10 ; Alma 14 Settings Menu Search. SEP Webinar Attachments View slides pdf View chat xls View captions txt Learner Guide doc Use alone or with others to extend your learning.

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Everyone plays at the library. Webinar Attachments Slides: Name of the Game. Guide: Name of the Game. Chat: Name of the Game. Once the world of Mario expanded beyond the scaffolding and barrel-jumping of the Donkey Kong arcade game, it was time to introduce Bowser — a new spikey, fire-breathing, and aggressive archenemy. Bowser is the english name for King Koopa. To understand this name we have to reverse engineer from the lower level Koopa characters that we will meet later. During development, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, considered naming all of the evil characters in Mario after Korean dishes , but ultimately King Koopa and his Koopa minions were the only ones that went that route.

Nintendo thought they needed to use a more english-friendly name for King Koopa and therefore decided to name him after a military tanker used for fueling aircraft and other vehicles, by definition a bowser. Some fans have even noted that Bowser looks like a bowl of gukbap and that his fire-breathing ability may relate to the fact that the dish is known for its spiciness. Koopa is used to refer to the entire species of anthropomorphic turtles in the Mario series including many subspecies.

Koopas are known for moving at different speeds based on the color of their shell. As development of Mario titles progressed, Nintendo ran into memory limitations that would force them to make decisions that affected character naming and design. A good example of an innovation that resulted from this impasse was the Koopa subspecies the Koopa Paratroopa. While designing Super Mario Bros. Throw some wings on a Koopa and dub it a Paratroopa. Some early members of the Koopa Army included names that are descriptive, such as Hammer Bros.

Around this time, we see Nintendo beginning to execute a regimented naming architecture for various subspecies, and even starting to build subspecies upon subspecies. It gets the flight idea across, but is a little light on the intimidation factor for an airborne enemy. Many Mario characters, including enemies, have gone on to enjoy widespread merchandising and pop culture fame.

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Once Miyamoto and the Nintendo team realized that fans of Mario were receptive to repetitive character motifs and stylized subspecies they they ran with it. This strategy of developing very similar varieties of existing characters saved them space when building the games, streamlined design and naming, and continued to enhance existing sub-brands, or characters, within the Mario universe. One character category with which they did this were the Hammer Bros. They named different variations of the character based on the projectiles they throw — and they did so with more than 12 subspecies and at least 10 proper-named Hammer Bro characters, including Army Hammer Bro , Hamma Jamma , and a Hammer Bros.

While there are many other iconic Mario enemies, including Boo, Chomp, Spiny, and Lakitu — all with interesting stories and names to unpack — there is one that is omnipresent like no other: the Goomba. They appear in almost every level of the original Super Mario Bros.

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Though they are the first enemy a player encounters in Super Mario Bros. Goombas are a small, brown species of sentient shiitake mushroom with bushy eyebrows and a pair of fangs sprouting from their lower jaw — normal enough — that live in the Mushroom Kingdom — naturally. They were developed as a simple, easy-to-defeat enemy when the Nintendo team realized that the Koopa were maybe too tricky for a preliminary opponent. Therefore, you can usually find them wandering around aimlessly, almost as more of an obstacle than an enemy. So how did this iconic Mario enemy get a name that might circumstantially be taken as a racial slur?