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GitHub - WebReflection/heresy: React-like Custom Elements via V1 API builtin extends.

Forgotten your password? I have no fundamental doubts about the observations and the underlying phenomena, even if my knowledge is limited to grasp all of these. I gladly use data and information gathered by the same institutions whose results are reviewed by IPCC. But there is a strong mismatch between the resilience shown by the climate and the overwhelming call for general mobilisation against its change.

As explained in the policy section my conviction is that the issue is not about a few degree Fahrenheit or Celsius, but rather about taking hostage the whole humanity to accomplish an ideological purpose.

To make a risky comparison [1] , a parallel can be drawn with the history of Christianity. At the council of Nicaea in the disputes that were going on and on between the forefathers of the religion were settled and an orthodox creed was adopted.

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The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in may be the equivalent of this council: global warming and its anthropogenic cause have been sanctuarized. But despite of tens of thousands of scientific articles testimonies , thick reports hermeneutics , and international conferences councils , the original assessment creed did not change one iota.

In spite of minor heresies which were excellently repressed by the Inquisition, it was necessary to wait until the 16 th century for Protestantism to emerge and to put in question some fundamental elements of the Catholic faith trilogy, Eucharist , its hierarchical organization, and the ways and means to achieve salvation.

We are now waiting for such heretical reform of the climate doctrine. And on top of this, I oppose all tendencies aiming at establishing a centralized governing superstructure to the World.