Isles of Bellum - Birth of the Wyrd Mage (Isles of Scion Book 1)

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All the Boys Wanted You What if How Big is Your Brain? Everyone Was Doing It What if Issue 1 TrollsZine! Issue 2 TrollsZine! Can You Survive Storm Chasing? Can You Survive the Jungle? Can You Survive the Titanic? Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Can You Survive in the Wilderness? Can You Survive the Desert? Issue 4 TrollsZine! Issue 5 TrollsZine! Who Killed John F. Puss in Boots You Are Utopian fantasy meets urban dystopia in the arcanapunk universe of Darklight. In the world of Torlain, Nightcorp holds the monopoly on the creation and distribution of magical technology.

With control of mystech, its power and prestige are limitless - manipulating anything from government agencies and leading mystechal researchers to crime syndicates and people of influence. This evening, Nightcorp has extended an invitation to their annual Gala showcasing the newest advancements in the field of mystech to many such figures. Meanwhile, Eylsium, an organization dedicated to resisting the control of the megacorp, has infiltrated the event. Will you side with the social elite and get a taste of power or join the resistance and fight to end the corruption?

Beginners Welcome; Serious, All Ages. L : "Post-It" presented by James Stuart. Here at the New Hobro Cyberclinic, we know your needs. You, unable to relate to your sister's new boyfriend; get a smile-and-nod small-talk enhancer! You, working your ass off at a meaningless job without recognition; we'll install the new TotalNihilism TM mod!

祝福された島々 Isles of the Blessed / Bert Appermont

This is a comedy game about mundane people in the cyberpunk future who have implants that break down way too easily. A mix of over-the-top cybernoir juxtaposed with madcap surgery scenes, where solving all your problems is just one makeover surgery away. The game involves light touch for the 'surgery' scenes. See Also: L The Second Soul War is over and the dust has settled. Now the time has come to return to the Game. The Houses and Tribes in the Game will now determine the future of the Game.

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What will his fate be? This LARP is not intended to have combat. It relies heavily on role playing and and player interaction with one another to accomplish the various plots. Players can create their own character prior to the game, or take a pre-generated character at the door. L : Cthulhu Live! The storied Pelican Island Asylum, home of stories that would chill you to the bone.

These tales are about to become a major motion picture!. Join the super star studded cast for the filming of "The Bride Of The Creature" a new horror blockbuster. But what happens when not all the strange happenings are not a special effect or planned scene. For this production, the horror is about to leap from the pages of the script into the real world. Lights, Camera, Sanity Loss!

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Your backstage pass will take you behind the scenes of this blood soaked blockbuster that not everything is included in the script. For character pre-assignments, contact PST Productions at: pstproductions gmail.

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A whimsical fantasy game using the Fate Lives system. Players fill the part of employees in a humble ramen shop on the edge of a magical wood. Faced with such dire challenges as dragons, the lunch rush, and ramen-robbing goblins, will you bring the ramen shop to notoriety and glory? Or will the business buckle under the pressure? You've been captured by pirates! How did pirates even make it into the Nexus, let alone capture a few dozen people?

Discover the secrets of Ape Isle. And break the hex L : "War Birds: Rosenstrasse". See L See Also: L, L Darkness is coming. The prophecies have been coming to fruition. The local vampire population of Washington DC is in a frenzy. Questioning them has lead us to know that it's all about an ancient sarcophagus that is resting in the Smithsonian. They believe that one of their Antediluvians, a vampire from before Noah's Flood, rests inside.

While it would be easier to let the Leeches kill each other, the Shapeshifters cannot let them grow stronger with it's consumption.

This is a task they must take on. The fate of Gaia depends on it!

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L : "Post-It". Players embody actors cast in their first, big, career making roles. They arrive at the show's first rehearsal only to discover that there have been some setbacks in production and that they may be in for more work than they expected. The game is a rules-light absurdist freeform LARP where characters are forced put on an equally absurdist play for the sake of their careers. You're at a sleepover. Things go horribly wrong. This will be played primarily in a dark room with cell phones and sound effects. Please feel free to bring sleeping bags or stuffed animals.

Welcome to the Purgatory Saloon! I'm the proprietor, Mr. The time is late, but none of us have anywhere to be until So stop on in, have a drink, and perhaps learn a little bit about yourself and the rest of the customers. It all happens here at the Purgatory. Players will create a Purgatory Saloon customer who happens to be present at the time of the incident in question, and then role play that character in a bar-type scenario.

This is a pure role playing event with no combat whatsoever. Join an elective family of pirates for adventure on the high seas. All be welcome, no matter your countenance, means, or ability. Find love, acceptance, and pirate booty in this serious and heart-warming LARP about choosing each other when society wouldn't. A LARP about the Cold War, high school social dynamics, and the struggle to find hope when the world around you might be burning to the ground. On a spring afternoon in , the air raid siren at your high school goes off and the guidance counselor ushers you into the building's fallout shelter with only a handful of other students.

With no radio or other means of communicating with the outside world, it is unclear to all of you whether this is a drill, a mistake, or the real deal. As the hours pass and the possibility of nuclear annihilation grows more real, will you open up to people you never thought you would trust, dismantle the school's social hierarchy as you know it, and say all the things you meant to keep secret? Video Recording will be part of this game. This is a playtest.

This is one of the games that came from that effort. A group of high rolling friends who have been captured by the European Broadcasting Union and asked to decide the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest from a secret underground bunker. One day, the letter comes with the call to the Relationship Agency. To obey the call is of course voluntary, but if you show a lack of cooperation, your basic income will be decreased by four levels and your social suitability class will be reduced to a maximum of C.

The date of the matchmaking event has already automatically been entered in your electronic calendar. You will play a possibly unwilling participant in this process, hoping that the system will find you a dream partner to build a home and family with With the world at peace, Queen Elaine is celebrating the anniversary of her coronation.

All the Nobility and Merchants of note are invited, including you! With the Emperor of Montaigne banished, all is at peace and settled. Or is it? From the Oceans come invaders with dark and powerful magics, the likes of which Thea has never seen. The world has a new threat, but will the nations rise to the challenge, or crumble under the onslaught? Brightsiders from across the worlds gather to celebrate their successes at a gaming convention - but a monster slumbering beneath the con floor has started to stir.

Can the heroes protect all the wonder and joy the con will bring? Bright Story is a live action role playing game with optional live combat elements, inspired by animated media like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls. You'll level up by making friends and restore your abilities through self-care. Bright Story will have some movement and involve the use of contact-safe weapons to simulate combat.