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But, after the panic dissipated, this was one of my all-time favorite bucket list travel adventures. Take your life list to another level and trek through the dense rain forest of Uganda to get a close encounter with the mountain gorillas of the jungle. The fact that these species are on the brink of extinction and you need to travel to faraway lands to see them adds to the experience.

A great place to see them is at Bwindi Forest National Park.

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Kibowa Orphanage is on the outskirts of downtown Arusha, hidden down a bumpy dirt road and painted in a friendly pale blue. It was a joy to watch the children smile as they each made their favorite shapes. A three-and-a-half-hour drive from the bustle of the city of Hanoi lays a peaceful set of 1, islands and islets, Halong Bay. Spend a day or a week cruising through the green-topped limestone islands and emerald waters on an ancient-style junk boat.

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Definitely one of my favorites on the things to do before you die list. It is an art exhibition as much as a hotel, where the canvases span from floor to ceiling. Spend the night in one of their negative-five-degree rooms, where you will be surrounded by artistically chiseled ice.

Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel that stands 2, meters above sea level in the mountain forest of Peru. Getting to this ancient city can be done by train, bus, or a four-day trek along the same paths that the Incans did years ago. This is combined with synchronized marching, precision drills, and the band playing. See the surreal landscape of Cappadocia from high above in a sky dotted with colorful balloons. Cappadocia is the land in central Turkey known for its fairy chimneys rock formations , rolling vine- yards, and troglodyte dwellings that are best seen from three thousand feet in the air.

Butterfly Balloons can take you up up and away. Not only is it incredible knowing you are helping with these endangered animals survival, but they are adorable too!

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  7. Definitely top on the list of things to do before your die! The wall is one of the most recognizable and extensive construction projects built to prevent attacks of the Chinese Empire. Take a walk along a portion of the 13,mile-long wall, stopping at scenic spots that overlook flowing rivers and to view precious historical relics. See the Travel China Guide for more info. Fish pedicures are popping up all around the world, but mine was done in Spain. This technique became popular as a relief for eczema and other skin disorders, but is now a trend around the world and one of the weirdest things to do before you die.

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    Get your kicks on Route 66 , the iconic 2,mile route from Chicago to Santa Monica. Also, known as the Main Street of America, it was one of the original US highways, a means for the nation to move about for work or pleasure. Today it keeps old traditions alive with neon-signed motels, mom-and-pop diners, and kitschy roadside attractions.

    The ancient city of Petra was carved into the rose colored sandstone cliffs by the Nabataeans as early as BC.

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    Scuba divers flock here to glide with hundreds of manta rays, marvel at the colorful sea fans, and swim with schools of blackfin barracudas. Ocean Free can take you under the sea. Thanks to my fear of needles, my heart beated uncontrollably when I decided to give blood. And she was right. A little pinch in the arm is worth knowing your blood donation can possibly save three lives!

    The once-in-a-lifetime trek to the summit will have you hiking through lush rainforests, over glaciers, and across the Tanzanian landscape, plus traveling through four different climatic zones. You can walk away with a once-in-a-lifetime experience under your belt and a basketful of bounty. The French Laundry is arguably the most well-known French restaurant in the world. A meal for two at this Michelin three-starred eatery will set you back close to a thousand bucks, but your taste buds will be dazzled. For those that believe getting there is half the fun, travel the legendary Trans-Siberian railway , an epic train journey that spans from Moscow to Vladivostok.

    Traverse one third of the globe, enjoying the scenery from the window of your train car, plus make stops to different cities along the way. These steps will bring you to the sky palace that sits atop the rock, a royal residence built sixteen hundred years ago. Each year this sixteen-day festival draws over six million people from around the world.

    Flyboarding is an adventurous sport where your feet will be slipped into boots that are attached to a board, much like a snow board. While in Cancun I got my shot to try this and it was beyond challenging. You definitely need to use every ounce of balance you have, but worth a spot on your list of things to do before you die. There is nothing quite like the Sydney Opera House overlooking the harbor, its exterior an iconic vision from all angles.

    Feel the heat radiate when you fly over an active Hawaiian volcano in an open-door helicopter ride. Your ride will cross the Kilauea Volcano that has been continuously erupting for the last thirty years. But, that added to this adventure. Once there, the group was given a very brief rappeling lesson and then left to tackle the impressive foot waterfall. One of the most luxurious ones you will find is at the Four Seasons. Those are all reasons that it made this place the perfect one for my very first yoga retreat. In the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park you will find a foot- long see-through glass path that stands over 4, feet above sea level.

    This adrenaline-producing walkway clings to the side of the Tianmen Mountain. A stroll along this path is only for the most adventurous, who will marvel at the crystal-clear view below their trembling feet. The peak of Bartolome Island was known to have the most perfect view of the famous Galapagos Pinnacle Rock.

    During the warm season, hundreds migrate to the waters of the Caribbean Sea. A boat ride from Cancun will take you to a place where you can swim with several of the largest fish in the world that grow up to sixty feet long and can weigh over forty thousand pounds. It is a thrill to be face to face with their gigantic mouths that can extend five feet when open. You can get up close and personal with Cancun Whale Shark Tours. El Camino de Santiago was originally a pilgrimage leading to Santiago de Compostela, to the tomb of the apostle St.

    Now, scores of people on a personal journey walk this five-hundred- mile network of routes across Spain and Europe. Whether the motivation is spiritual or adventurous, many choose to take this month long challenge. Five times a day throughout the streets of Istanbul you can hear the trilling call to prayer, also known as ezan. During this time the voice of the bellowing muezzin, the man who calls the Muslims to prayer from a minaret, can be heard over the loud- speakers at different mosques in the city.

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    One of the best locations to witness this is while sitting on the benches between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia as a quavering musical battle begins. It may not be the largest Catholic cathedral in the world, but it is one of the most beautiful and famous with an estimated 14 million visitors a year. Get a thrilling perspective of the Grand Canyon by touring it from the Colorado River. In your raft, you will navigate the greatest whitewater in North America while marveling at the multicolored layers of the eroded rocks.

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    No exceptions. The warm geothermal, milky-blue waters of the Blue Lagoon draws visitors worldwide. Many float in the mineral-rich waters for the reputed skin benefits, while others go there for the relaxation, ducking into a grotto with a beverage in hand from the float-up bar. Once at the top you will sit on plywood boards, and go racing down at speeds up to 30 mph. Blanketing more than forty-five hundred square miles, the Salar de Uyuni is a flat salt dessert that seems to go on infinitely.

    It is the remains of a lake that once covered the southwestern corner of Bolivia, but is now a vastness of white that plays an optical illusion on you. During the wet season, the shallow water that collects acts as a mirror of the sky, showing reflections of the sky and clouds, making the world seem endless.

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    In the dry season, you can walk or drive across it, taking goofy photos that play with the lack of perspective created by the continuous sheets of hexagonal tiles. La Torre Tours have multi-day trips there! A helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon fit the bill.