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It seemed like he was trying to keep his jacket in place or something of the sort but according to one body language expert, there's more going on. As you may have guessed, Harry may not be entirely happy with the situation and could even find it nervewracking to be in the public eye so much.

Prince Harry’s Strange Hand Placement In Photos Says A Lot About His Personality

However, Bianca Cobb, another professional well-versed in the logistics of body language said that as the year-old is often pictured doing this, he probably doesn't even realise. Bianca said that this gesture is something Harry probably does subconsciously and to be fair, we all have little mannerisms we don't even notice. Dublin celebrations and commuting heroes, the latest PlayXPlay is live!

Click play to listen below We finally know what Prince Harry's awkward hand gesture means.

Prince Harry's Hand Gesture In Photo With Melania Sparks Outrage

Cathy Donohue. As they continued to pursue Kevin, Kevin fled to the Murphys' house. However, Harry outsmarted Kevin, ambushing and catching him. Harry then planned to put Kevin through the same torturous injuries that he put them through, but not before biting off all of Kevin's fingers. However, just as he was about to do so, he and Marv were knocked out by Kevin's neighbor, Marley. As the police drove the bandits away, Harry glared at Kevin through his window.

After spending nine months in prison, Harry and Marv escaped during a riot and soon arrived in New York while stowed away on a fish truck.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Deleted Scenes

They planned on getting a hold of false passports and hiding out in "some foreign country. Marv decided to change their nickname to the "Sticky Bandits" after taping his hand to stick some change to his hand.

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Unknowingly, Kevin bumped into Harry passing through a large group of pedestrians. Harry initially failed to recognize him, but was visibly curious. At an ice rink, Harry called Marv forth and acknowledged to him that they had to change their game, as they were not getting anywhere with stealing goods, deciding to steal cash instead. Marv suggested robbing hotels, but Harry knew that tourists were not guaranteed to have much cash.

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Harry then suggested robbing a toy store, since they made the most money around Christmas time. Making it to Duncan's Toy Chest , they planned on staying there overnight, stealing the money, and then leaving the next morning. They chased him down the street but were tripped up when Kevin broke some necklaces, stripping the pearls off.

Marv and Harry later caught Kevin when he fled the Plaza Hotel after being exposed for having a stolen credit card by the staff. After ripping Kevin's plane ticket, Marv revealed their entire robbery plan to Kevin and their plan to kill him, much to Harry's annoyance.

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Kevin managed to flee their grasps once again when he caused Marv and Harry to be punched by the same woman that Marv had previously been slapped for hitting on earlier and escaped in the back of a horse-drawn carriage. Harry was initially discomforted knowing that Kevin is around, but Marv eased his worries, as Kevin had no home to booby trap them with, and on top of that, was now alone in Central Park , which nobody could survive at night.

On Christmas Eve, while Harry and Marv robbed Duncan's Toy Chest, Kevin knocked on the window, took a photo, and threw a brick through the window, setting off an alarm. Marv and Harry both unknowingly jumped onto a plank and trash can set up as a makeshift see-saw which sent Harry flying through the air and landing on top of a car. Harry and Marv pursued Kevin to the roof of his uncle Rob McCallister 's house as Harry attempted to trick Kevin into throwing down his camera by promising to leave Kevin alone if he agreed.

Kevin did not go through and tricked him by throwing down bricks that missed Harry each time and hit Marv four times.

source site Harry vengefully went around the back and warily glanced at an open window and a fire escape ladder, choosing to jump onto the ladder, thinking the window might be a trap. Harry then slipped and hurt his back due to the rungs of the ladder being soaked in a green slime as he mumbled angrily.

After going through more deadly booby traps, such as tools falling on his head, his head getting burned with a blow torch and dipped in paint thinner, falling from a sawed ladder, falling from a burning rope, and getting splattered with varnish, Harry and Marv pursued him.


Kevin slipped on an icy surface along the way and they caught him and took him to Central Park. In the park, Harry, finally having had enough of Kevin, attempted to shoot him and get rid of him once and for all.

The royal couple are known for being affectionate

However, he and Marv were distracted when a pigeon lady threw birdseed at them, attracting an entire flock of pigeons to pick them off, allowing Kevin to escape and leave behind the evidence of their crimes. As the police arrived to re-arrest Harry and Marv, Harry continuously kicked Marv for rambling to the police about their schemes. Sign In Don't have an account?

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