Feckers: 50 People Who Fecked Up Ireland: 50 People Who Fecked Up Ireland

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This is a bit hard on the poor Paddy who thought the Famine was the fault of the rotten praties and the Brits.

Now he finds out it was himself and his little Willy what done it. Nor is it any consolation that the brooding Daddy has now been replaced by a creature dressed up by that fecker Ben Dunne senior in "a cheap tracksuit [and] slip-on shoes made of soft material, which make no sound as he walks".

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In the old pre-Dunne days the Da "tended to move about in public on his own, joining with other males at certain appointed places: the public house, the bookie shop, inside the main door of the church. Now, he tends to go out in public in the company of his wife or girlfriend, who is, it is clear, the architect of his physical appearance". This woman "disports him for competitive purposes in order to demonstrate a his docility and b her capacity to control every aspect of his life". Actually, women don't make much of a splash in Waters' world -- there are only four of them amongst his 50 feckers.

John Waters

I have only enough space left to say that John Waters is Ireland's greatest living comic resource. There's enough laughing gas in this book to keep the country lit up for ages. It is the price he is paying for his past actions. Existing in self-imposed exile back on the family estate in the Irish countryside, Luke has turned his back on bright lights and big city, not to mention Brian Lynch is a novelist, poet, screenwriter and publisher.

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Book Reviews. Exclusive 'It was like a front row seat at a masterclass' - Jenn Murray talks working with Angelina In a time of alleged recovery and rejuvenation, Feckers II will continue this theme, tracing a different narrative that runs just beneath the surface of things.

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It will celebrate some some of the great unsung villains of Irish self-sabotage and indict some of those who have drawn too much attention to themselves by succeeding far beyond their entitlements. It will address some of the key moments in recent Irish cultural history, from that legendary note on the school notice board of Mount Temple Comprehensive, to the fake tweet that changed the direction of the Irish presidency in the dying moments of the election campaign of Societal, cultural, financial and governmental destabilization is evident worldwide.

The European Union is in continuous turmoil, global ecology threatened by climate change, and the peace of nations at risk to an extent not seen since the Cold War. Recent elections in the UK and the USA show establishments out of touch with the grass roots of their societies. The young in particular appear to regard expertise and conventional authority with a new suspicion, and the internet seems to offer as much an alternative reality as a refuge from the real world.

Why is it that political and cultural establishments are no longer able to understand so many of their fellow citizens?

Feckers: 50 People Who Fecked Up Ireland

Is the unfolding chaos simply an escalation of previous patterns, or something entirely new? Email info castlecootehouse.

50 PEOPLE ONE QUESTION - Dublin, Ireland

Our culture is being ruptured: much has been fragmented, much turned inside out and upside down. People have the idea that the country has simply gone crazy.

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It has, but in particular ways, not randomly but in ways that lend themselves to chaos. This chaos is not confined to Ireland, but here it seems to be extreme. The most educated generations ever to stand on the land of Ireland are perhaps the most ignorant; the more communications we have, the less we are permitted to say.

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