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But a blinding briefcase isn't exactly cutting-edge gadgetry. For that, we had to wait for 's Goldfinger, and the type of ingenious implementations that Q Branch is famed for. The film's gadgets were such a hit that Q's role became a subsequent Bond blueprint, along with beautiful women, witty one-liners and a stunning car — and in Goldfinger, the car was the star.

Disregarding the weaponry upgrades and handy ejector seat, Bond's Aston Martin DB5 introduced audiences to the idea of homing devices. The dashboard showed a sat-nav-esque display, which Bond used to trail the dastardly Goldfinger — and it worked, too, with all the ingenuity and precision of a TomTom. In the novel, though, Fleming described the system in Bond's DB III failing and sending him in the wrong direction, predicting the strife of Apple Maps users by nearly 40 years.

Forever Bond

Now almost every new car rolling from the production line has the option of an onboard navigation system, while the aftermarket for dedicated GPS systems is as strong as ever, despite the gains made by dedicated operating systems such as CarPlay and Google Drive, as well as bespoke systems such as iDrive. Mobile devices are constantly being tracked, and now cars are too. Ford most recently admitted that GPS units installed in its production models record precise speed and location data. Of course, you could go all-out Cold War crazy should you so wish, and pick up a dedicated GPS tracker or micro-transmitter, such as the GPS Evolution — the type of device used to track emergency-response vehicles in the UK to within a two-metre precision.

Come 's Thunderball, come the upgrades, and Bond took to the field with an arsenal of Q tech. A modified Breitling wristwatch packed a Geiger counter used to track down two stolen nuclear warheads. Meanwhile, the WikiSensor app turns an iPhone into a functioning radiation reader by using the handset's camera to read X and Gamma rays. But Thunderball's showstopper was 's jetpack, a production model of the Bell Rocket Belt.

There are simpler ways to escape the entrapment of a French chateau, but none have the aplomb of Connery ascending to the skies in a rocket-fired backpack. Almost 20 years later, the Los Angeles Olympics was opened by a rocket-pack-wielding stuntman, with all of the 'wow' factor but none of the cool of Bond. Beefing the humble wristwatch with extracurricular advancements is a Q Branch calling card, and time and again Bond is rescued by his upgraded timepieces.

In the age of the smartwatch, it's easy to cast a sardonic eye upon the inventions dished out by Q. There's no 3D Touch here. But 's Octopussy came closest to the type of smartwatch usage seen today. In typically rogue fashion, Bond used some of the more advanced features in his own 'unique' manner, ogling cleavages from afar on the watch's LCD screen. Cramming smart tech into ingeniously small and unnoticeable places is what espionage is all about, and many of Bond's best gadgets have done just this.

The dawn of the wearable has seen many brilliant and, quite frankly, bat-shit ideas being kickstarted into production. The miniaturisation of wearable personal cameras, though, is finding a niche in live-streaming services such as Periscope and Meerkat. The likes of Narrative Clip and MeCam capture video, while concepts created by Canon whose ring camera is yet to make production and Hyeonsik Studio which is developing a camera ring with a 5MP CC sensor will make snapping on the sly easier still.

Bond's tech advanced with the times, and in 's Quantum Of Solace we got one of 's most memorable tech moments, as Daniel Craig and ensemble poked, pushed and pulled at a surface screen table. The inch table screen was retired by Samsung a few years back, yet a raft of large Android tablets are available, including the rather ace Lenovo Horizon series.

Unlike most of Bond's gadgetry, though, a surface PC shows Q Branch keeping up with the times rather than leading them with new tech, so with Spectre on the horizon and a plethora of new gadgets being hinted at, we're excited to see what new innovations Q Branch brings. Even such a thought has never crossed my mind. Even before we married our partners, we never felt that marriage in any which way could affect our relationship or change the equations we share.

Miami Forever Bond

In fact, at one point, Rashmi was so attached to her brother that she felt extremely alone when Arvind was sent over to Tamil Nadu to pursue higher studies and her father had no choice but to admit her in the same educational institution. It was like I was her necessity for survival! I had to carefully deal with the situation even though it was extremely difficult for me to stay away from home. As an elder child, there are certain hardships and compromises you have to make. But then, Arvind has sailed through all of it and today is happy to work with his sister.

We are correlated. This Rakhi, the one thing Rashmi would want for her brother is his physical agility! The two work out together. It was, in fact, Arvind who pushed Rashmi to hit the gym. As for Arvind, Rakhi is merely a symbol.

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By : Neha Jha. Charul and Vibhash Parmar. When you have an older sibling, things get easier because you always have someone to hold your hand and guide when the going gets tough. Whether its business, work, angst of teenage hormones or struggles every 20 something invariably undergoes - you have it all covered well by the one who was born before you. That is what worked out in favour of entrepreneur and baker Charul Parmar. Vibhash Parmar, her elder brother, has been her much-needed support system when she started out with her homemade bakery business - Cake Studio.

Vibhash is into travel business currently. The brother-sister duo used to work together for a gift shop which Vibhash owned before he ventured into travel business. The timing has to be perfect.

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For any business, client satisfaction is a priority because they always hope for best products from you. Of course, experience does matter and that is one point the brother-sister duo totally agree on. This wisdom from her brother surely helped Charul when she was new to the business world. But, he advised me to start small, building up the entire thing gradually. He also taught me never to compromise on quality and keep the pricing right.

Many businesses follow the mantra of starting out with low prices, but I never did that.

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Of course, a balancing act is needed all the time, agrees the brother-sister duo. They Click Well Together, Literally! Lavina and Harsh Sabhachandani. Every brother-sister bond is a common story of sibling bickering, tantrums, pranks and even possessiveness with love for one another that can not be measured. Understanding plays a key role in their relationship. Harsh is speech and hearing impaired, and, over the years, Lavina has become an expert in understanding his sign language, his tool for communication.

What makes the siblings special is they share the same dream, of being renowned photographers. The brother-sister duo has worked together as official photographers for most government programmes held in the city.

Sports seems to be their forte and they cover almost every sports event in the city. But Harsh loves me and is also protective about me. We have been working for a couple of years now and he has always ensured I do not face any problem at work, events or during shoot," shares Lavina. We always work on ways to expand our work together.

But the siblings are managing his business currently. Talking about their shared love for photography, Lavina says, "Our father is a photographer by profession. We began taking pictures from our school days itself. We worked together on making something creative everyday in order to maintain a standard for ourselves. Harsh is a tech freak with a fetish for laptops, mobiles and other gadgets. Whenever there is some problem in our mobile phones and we are not able to solve it, Harsh comes to our rescue," adds Lavina.

For Harsh, his sister is the best and he aspires to follow his dream along with her. Raksha Bandhan is a special day for them. Last year, we went to the Jagannath temple and had a darshan of the Lord, and also went to the sea beach. This year, we are planning to go for a movie and have lunch," she said. By : Monalisa Patsani. Read more..

The Bond Forever City Lights. Lavina and Harsh Sabhachandani Every brother-sister bond is a common story of sibling bickering, tantrums, pranks and even possessiveness with love for one another that can not be measured. Related Articles. Naveen Ready To Serve His 4.